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Glorifying God at the Rocks of Remembrance

front coverBy Dr. Emily Hervey

Many of us have been through painful experiences and often question why we should face such trials. But these challenges can also be a chance to learn more about God, about ourselves, and about how we may be a part of His perfect plan.

After walking through the wilderness, the Israelites set up Rocks of Remembrance, reminders of God’s faithfulness in the most difficult times. In the same way, reflecting on how God has worked in our lives can be inspiring.

This book tells of one woman’s journey through the wilderness of life and discovery of the greatest purpose in life: To glorify God.

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Emily Hervey addresses the timeless question of “How can a loving God allow suffering in this world?” through the lens of her own story. This is not a mere theological exegesis.  In a deeply personal way, Hervey shares how the deep waters and fiery trials she has endured have also revealed new depths of God’s character and love in ways her mind alone could never have known. We see how her growing faith in God’s love changes the darkness of the situation into one of deep spiritual growth for herself, rather than a lifelong cynicism. It is about truest hope in the middle of circumstances that would create despair for most of us. In reading you will remember that God is still alive and active in our present personal journeys.

Ruth Van Reken, Co-author, Third Culture Kids: Growing Up Among Worlds

Co-founder, Families in Global Transition

 I see this memoir of a life-in-progress as being a lifeline to some in deep need, whether for personal or physical, and particularly for those of faith whose circumstances also naturally intersect with a “dark night of the soul” experience. This personal and theologically-thick contemplation is honest and wonderfully restless. It captures the great existential yearnings and questions, but finds they are safely rooted in the Creator if we will look and listen, expecting him to find ways to communicate to us. And it is real. Rather than false optimism or bitter and judgmental post facto assessments of others or circumstances, the author makes a strong case for God’s sovereignty.

Scott White, Pastor of Global Outreach,

Lake Avenue Church, Pasadena, CA

 Emily Hervey has artfully woven her own personal story into the truth of Scripture, allowing familiar Scripture passages to come alive for readers in a new way.  As she recounts harrowing stories of her youth overseas and her young adult battle with seizures and a brain tumor, Hervey reminds us of the purpose of suffering in our lives.  This book offers both hope and meaning to those struggling to understand why, as the reader comes away with a clearer sense of the joy inherent in suffering.

Pamela S. Davis, PhD, Assistant Professor,

Wheaton College Graduate School, Wheaton, IL