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front cover Glorifying God at the Rocks of Remembrance


by Dr. Emily Hervey

Many of us have been through painful experiences and often question why we should face such trials. But these challenges can also be a chance to learn more about God, about ourselves, and about how we may be a part of His perfect plan.

After walking through the wilderness, the Israelites set up Rocks of Remembrance, reminders of God’s faithfulness in the most difficult times. In the same way, reflecting on how God has worked in our lives can be inspiring.

This book tells of one woman’s journey through the wilderness of life and discovery of the greatest purpose in life: To glorify God.

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Heart for SaleHearts for Sale! A Buyer’s Guide to Winning in Afghanistan


by Farzana Marie


In a powerful blend of story and strategic insight, Farzana Marie provides a unique and timely perspective on the conflict in Afghanistan. Realistic and optimistic, she draws on over ten years of personal connection with Afghanistan, including two years deployed as a U.S. Air Force officer, to urge clear thinking and action in the national interests of both the United States and Afghanistan. Arguing that it is not too late for humble, victorious partnership with Afghanistan, “Hearts for Sale!” advocates a vision-oriented, rather than numbers-oriented U.S. policy approach that honors the profound sacrifices made and heeds the desires of informed citizens.


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Setting Sail!

The Family Workbook

by Dr. Emily Hervey

Designed to equip whole families who are planning to move overseas!

Your family is like a ship: one vessel with distinct parts and one crew with unique roles. There are always many questions looking toward departure: How do we prepare the ship for departure? How can our crew work together well? What should we have on-board? How do we face storms along the way? How do we navigate in foreign waters? The workbook includes:

* Enjoyable activities           * Engaging discussions

* Relevant Bible verses        * Important information

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